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SCE Report
Southern California Edison recently tested the impact of low emissivity aluminum shields on the power use and thermal performance of a typical multideck display case...

Refrigeration Case Performance and Efficiency

How to Optimize and Save Energy and Money

Looking to minimize utility costs for your store? Do you have open refrigerated display cases? Learn why you should use a night cover for all your open refrigerated display cases?

vertical refrigerated display caseHundreds of dollars are pointlessly wasted each year on refrigerated display cases. Supermarkets pay an expensive electricity bill to keep food products refrigerated and stored safely and properly. Now, more than ever, there is a tremendous need to reduce operating expenses and maximize the efficiency of a refrigeration system. And one of the most cost effective solutions is a retrofit night cover.

Econofrost night covers conveniently install on the canopy of any open refrigerated display case. Best of all, they are simple to use and maintain, and will improve the overall performance of your cold case display. Additionally to saving energy, Econofrost night blinds do not impede the customers access to products, creating a ample opportunity for a sale. The customer will not have any idea that a night blind has even been installed unless they are actively looking to see what their local store is doing to save energy and reduce the store's carbon footprint.

There are many reasons for a grocery store to install Econofrost night covers. The biggest reasons to consider are the energy and cost-saving potential associated with a reputable night shade like Econofrost.

How does an Econofrost night cover work?

Think of the Econofrost night cover as a protective shield. Essentially, the shield works to create a barrier between the refrigerated air and the warmer, ambient air outside the case. Therefore, the night curtain functions in the same fashion as a refrigerator door, preventing the cold air from escaping the open refrigerator, allowing it to circulate within the display case.

Simultaneously, the retractable woven aluminum perforated Econofrost night cover can serve as a barrier to light. Products are thus protected from light radiation, which improves the integrity of the products on display. Perishable products will stay fresh longer, packaged meat will retain its bloom and seepage will occur less requiring less re-wraps, produce displays will require significantly less trim time as leafy products stay crisp and fresh, and fruits and veggies will retain their firmness and natural appeal.

Is an Econofrost night cover the best brand to choose?

The Econofrost thermal barrier night blinds were specially developed in the 1980's as a way for supermarkets and other grocery stores to maximize the energy cost of refrigerated display cases.Econofrost is a night cover engineered to perfection over thirty years of working closely with leading grocery and food retailers in the industry. The durability, as well as the effectiveness, of the Econofrost night cover have both directly contributed to its success.

In addition, Econofrost has been independently tested by Southern California Edison at their refrigeration lab in Irwindale, California. This independent report concludes that the woven aluminum properties of Econofrost provides the highest reflectivty and lowest emissivity of any night cover product and that Econofrost will provide retailers with the greatest energy saving and product protection!

With increasing energy costs and commodity prices, Econofrost night shades have become extremely popular with small independent shops, institutions like universities, hospitals and food courts and have been installed in thousands of supermarkets worldwide. Furthermore, because this refrigerator night cover is so simple, durable and effective, the Econofrost night cover brand continues to be the industry leader. As a premium quality night cover, Econofrost ensures the highest in energy savings, product protection and return on investment.

Econofrost is the simplest, most effective way to save your energy and retain more money in your supermarket today!

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