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SCE Report
Southern California Edison recently tested the impact of low emissivity aluminum shields on the power use and thermal performance of a typical multideck display case...

Night Covers - an Excellent Accessory for all Refrigeration Cases

Refrigeration Cases: Conserve Energy, Reduce Product Waste and Save Money!

While unrestricted access to merchandise is a necessary evil of refrigerated displays, there are ways to limit the amount of energy that is expended while maintaining optimal temperatures. Display case covers, like those offered by ECONOFROST, can be a valuable addition to any refrigerated display system. Not only do these aluminum covers, keep refrigerated air inside the cooler, they create an effective thermal barrier which reflects the ambient heat and light outside the case - protecting your perishable food items!

vertical refrigerated display caseECONOFROST night covers are uniquely engineered as a retrofit application cassette. Store employees pull down the covers to shield the open face of displays during closing hours. In the morning they are simply unhooked from the bottom of the display case and retract even and slowly on their own.

Thermal shields or night blinds like ECONOFROST provide exceptional savings in produce departments and meat departments where the items are highly sensitive to light and radiated heat. The dollar savings in these two departments alone can be quite significant!

This thermal barrier lasts up to 15 hours once these nightshades have been discretely rolled away within the casing.

The use of these night curtains saves energy, maintains optimum case and product temperatures and ultimately saves you money!

Refrigeration Cases: Night Covers versus Glass Doors

Refrigeration Cases: Customer Access

Night covers also known as refrigeration case thermal shields, night blinds or thermal covers are ideal for applications where customer access is crucial. Night covers provide flexibility in design and enables shoppers full, unrestricted access to stocked items. Glass doors require a significant investment and are seen as another barrier between the customer and making a sale.

Refrigeration Cases: Investment Costs and Projected Return

The prohibitive cost of installing glass doors is one factor why many stores opt for night covers however, they are many more factors to consider.

Unlike perforated thermal shields, the difference in ambient temperature bewteen the refrigeration case cooler and the store can cause glass doors to fog up, which acts as a visual barrier for customers who are searching for products. For many retailers, they are hesitant to invest in glass doors due to the fact that they often are quite heavy and pose a challenge for some shoppers further restricting the accessability to products.

A quality night cover will last for years with minimal service or maintenance costs. With energy savings accruing every day and reduced product discard and shrinkage (product being thrown out from premature spoilage), a night cover becomes quite advantagous as an investment. A premium quality constructed night cover provides a faster payback period than an inferior night cover which may only last a year or two and which can only be amortized over this period.

For many operations, the return on their investment for a night cover installation is less than two years (in some cases stores realize an ROI within months!)

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