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How To Generate Addtional Savings on Custom OEM Display Cases

Night Covers for Supermarket Stores, Independent Grocers and Specialty Shops

Econofrost night covers for refrigerated display cases address the challenges faced by grocery stores that use open refrigerated display equipment.

vertical refrigerated display case No every store has the luxury of installing new, custom designed refrigeration displays. Many grocery stores are still using old refrigeration equipment which consumes a lot of energy costing hundreds of dollars each month.

With greater consumption of energy, it is quite likely that as a retailer you are incuring higher levels in operating expenses for both maintaining the refrigeration equipment and the day-to-day running of the display case. Stores with newer or custom installed display cases can optimize the performance of their equipment and reduce overall costs. How?

With night covers.

Globally, there are thousands of grocery retail stores that are using Econofrost aluminum night covers to address this very issue. Econofrost night covers are widely available and easy to install, therefore they provide retailers with the most effective and affordable option of saving energy and money in a hassle-free manner. With the longest, durabile and serviceable life Econofrost night covers are a worthy investment for any store with any budget.

Custom built or OEM refrigerated display cases typically found in supermarkets can be installed with Econofrost products either as a retrofit, after market item or by the OEM, specified at the time of purchase. Night covers for are not just used for saving energy but also highly effective in keeping case and product temperatures cool. Therefore, Econofrost night covers offer dual benefits to their users - reduced energy consumption and keeping perishable items fresh longer.

Econofrost - the Industry Leader

Econofrost night covers come in a variety of sizes (4ft, 6ft, 8ft and 12ft linear lengths) and models to match the different designs and various types of refrigeration equipment found at the retail level. Night covers have gained huge popularity and their adaptation in the North America market is gaining momentum as shops strive to lower operating costs and select sustainable multi-purpose products. Econofrost night covers have been installed in hundreds of stores across North America and can be seen on most commercial refrigeration display cases in the food retail and food service sector.

ECONOFROST refrigerated display case covers are available in a woven aluminum material and aluminum is the material most successfully used to manufacture night covers. Aluminum with its intrinsic quality of reflecting heat blocks most of the ambient heat and light that would otherwise enter the open refrigerated display case raising product and case temperatures.

The best thing about these night covers is that they serve as thermal barriers during the night although their benefit crosses over into the day when covers are retracted for shopper access to the product. During business hours, night covers for open refrigerated display cases are rolled up and kept out of sight. Those retailers who choose aluminum night covers benefit more than those who pick night covers made of vinyl, plastic and other such materials which restrict shopper access and are less effective and durable.

Econofrost is a premium quality night cover and in comparison ot other night cover products on the market because Econofrost night covers are so durable and last so long, the investment is amortized over a longer period. Retailers typically see a return on their investment in less than two years (for some it's even months!). Furthermore, with Econofrost store owners enjoy daily energy savings and reduced product shrinkage which translates into thousands of dollars of recovered operating expenses each month!

6 Benefits of Econofrost Night Covers:

  • Significant Energy Savings
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Improved Product Integrity, Freshness & Appearance
  • Cooler and Stable Case & Product Temperatures
  • Improved Refrigeration Performance
  • Wide Availability of Products

Top 5 Reasons Why Econofrost Is a Wise Investment:

  • Easiest to Use, Most Durable
  • Independently Tested & Proven
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Longest Serviceable Life
  • Fastest Payback - Greatest Savings

In purchasing Econofrost night covers, you are confidently buying from a reputed manufacturer with over thirty years experience. Engineered specifically for food retail applications Econofrost night covers withstand the rigors of a supermarket environment - you can expect your night cover product to last for years without much care or maintenance on your part. We have many customers who have been enjoying their night cover for more than a decade!

Custom Products and OEM Application

Econofrost offers a variety of models and even custom night cover products (Electric Motor Driven blinds or Security Shutters for tobacco/liquor areas). Econofrost night cover products were engineered to work with many of the designs and shapes of refrigerated equipment found in today's shops therefore, they integrate well with store decor. Moreover, they are installed in such a manner that it does not mar the beauty of the refrigerator.

Retailers can buy both custom designed and retrofit Econofrost night covers depending on their needs. For OEM installed blinds, retailers can specify Econofrost when purchasing their cases from their OEM. Buying from the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer offers a number of benefits including the advantage of enjoying a greater optimized and cost effective display case.

In addition, Econofrost is a great product that ensures retailers and store owners meet their sustainability objectives by minimizing their impact on the environment, reducing excess product waste and minimizing the store's carbon footprint.

Call us today toll free 1-800-519-1222 (USA & Canada) for your free, no obligation quote. International Inquiries please call 1-250-743-1222.


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