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SCE Report
Southern California Edison recently tested the impact of low emissivity aluminum shields on the power use and thermal performance of a typical multideck display case...

How To Save Energy and Maximize Profit Margins

Sustainable Solutions for all types of Grocery Refrigeration Cases Open Refrigeration Cases in Grocery Stores - The Many Benefits of Refrigeration Night Covers

Any retail establishment with open refrigeration cases will want to learn more about Econofrost night covers!

vertical refrigerated display caseThe benefits range from reduced operating costs to helping the environment. The easy to install woven aluminum night shields are working to help grocery stores, health food stores, gas station shops, and other retailers all over the world create energy savings and reduce spoilage of inventory thus raising profit margins.

To date, Econofrost refrigeration case covers are being used in over 300,000 stores. The covers are user friendly and glide smoothly back into place becoming invisible during business hours. They can be fitted for any size open case, are easy to clean and maintain, and are made to last for 10 years. Let's look more closely at some of the benefits.


By maintaining lower temperatures in the refrigeration case, your equipment doesn't have to work as hard. Southern California Edison test results showed considerable energy savings when Econofrost night covers were used; as high as 50% savings. Many local utility companies are offering rebates which provide additional savings!


By blocking heat and UV radiation from store lighting, the thermal night shields help perishable products last longer so less product has to be thrown away. The application is ideal for produce, meat, floral, deli, dairy and beverage coolers.


By reducing the load on your equipment's compressor, the life of older equipment is extended instead of having to replace it. The compressors run less frequently so require less maintenance. A supermarket's heating and air conditioning units also have to run less frequently when Econofrost nightshades are used. The shades' thermal barrier keeps cold air inside the cases rather than letting it spill out into the store.


Econofrost night covers will help keep product temperatures stable during a brown out or power outage until power comes back on or until other saving measures are employed.

As a retail owner, you can help reduce your carbon footprint on our environment as well as increase your profit margins by installing night shades on your open refrigeration cases.

Get information on ordering Econofrost night covers for your store today - call us toll free at 1.800.519.1222 (USA & Canada) or at 1.250.743.1222.

Or simply fill out our contact request form and have a local professional Econofrost representative follow up by email or phone.


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