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SCE Report
Southern California Edison recently tested the impact of low emissivity aluminum shields on the power use and thermal performance of a typical multideck display case...

Refrigeration Cases: Color Definition

The Art of Getting Shoppers to Stop and Notice You

The primary objective of refrigerated cases is to house the grocery items in a stable and cool environment until it sells. Sales is a result of successfully focused and executed merchandising techniques. Grocery stores with lack lustre sales are often missing one of the key components in marketing to their customers.

Shoppers go to the grocery stores and they put two things into their baskets or carts:

  • #1 - Items on their shopping list
  • #2 - Impulse items; items that got their attention

vertical refrigerated display caseThe ability to capture and increase impulse shopping is the difference between staying in buisness and being driven out by the competition. Departments like bakery departments and floral departments rely very much on the impulse habits of their shoppers in order to sell their items. The secret is to attract the consumer with fresh and appealing goods. Items stocked in a refrigerated display case are no different. The items should appeal to the shoppers walking by, the freshness and quality should never be questioned. And most importantly food safety should never be risked!

The balanced spectrum technology utilized by PROMOLUX bulbs displays all merchandise in its most brilliant color range without artificial distortion or enhancement. In addition, the low radiation properties of PROMOLUX lights ensures perishable items retain their color, flavor, and nutritional integrity. PROMOLUX lamps are engineered specifically for all food retail cases including refrigerated cases, multi-decks, merchandisers, grab-n-go's, service counters and more.

PROMOLUX fluorescent bulbs and other specialty lamps have the highest CPI rating (color preference index) among consumers who are looking for the freshest foods and coloring that doesn't change once it is removed from the case!

Refrigeration Cases: Product Savings, Energy Savings, Cost Savings

Refrigeration Cases: Drastically Cut Product Spoilage

The heat and light from traditional florescents have been proven to damage perishable retail items, contributing to discoloration, shrinkage, and bacterial growth. Only PROMOLUX display lamps are proven to lower all forms of damaging radiations while offering truly superior presentation.

Refrigeration Cases: Energy Savings and Profit Margin Growth

When PROMOLUX lamps are installed in refrigerated cases and dry cases it translates into higher profits and reduced levels of discounted/discarded merchandise. And with an average lamp life of 20,000hrs PROMOLUX lamps provide vibrant color and illumination for years while reducing overall operating expenses.


Profit margins swell as departments recover the dollar value attributed to spoiled perishables, the labour time dedicated to shrink management and the service costs for replacing short-lived, worn out, inferior light bulbs.

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